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Weather forecast for the week in India 22th-28th July

July 22, 2013 5:36 PM |

This week central India is expected to be the wettest part of the country with Tamil Nadu and Rayalseema being the driest as there seems very little chances of rain here at present.

Here is a look at the weather this week in entire India.

North India : Wet weather will continue in the hills of Uttarakhand and Himachal Pradesh. Rain will be mainly light with moderate of up to 30mm in one or two pockets. South Jammu and Kashmir may have some light spells of rain but the northern part including Srinagar will remain dry. In the plains of north India, after very heavy showers, rain will again become mainly light and patchy. Temperatures in Delhi will not go beyond 34⁰C this week. West Rajasthan which has remained the hottest part of India will finally receive some moderate showers by the middle of the week. Good amount of rain will be a welcome change for the people of Bikaner and Ganganagar.

East and Northeast India: Rain will continue in Uttar Pradesh all week. The first few days of the week will see light to moderate rain in west U.P and the later part will witness good showers in east U.P. Bihar, Jharkhand, west Bengal, Sikkim that have received very little rain so far may see a marginal increase.Temperatures will remain in the higher thirties. Kolkata may receive rain between 5 to 15mm.

Meanwhile, entire northeast India continues to face a massive rain deficit. This week too, rain will be mainly light with just one odd spell of moderate shower in upper Assam and Imphal. Temperatures will be high.

Central India: Undoubtedly the wettest and coolest part of India right now. Rain will continue in Madhya Pradesh this entire week. Rain will also be heavy in pockets of the state. South and coastal Gujarat will receive moderate rain this week but north Gujarat will remain dry as no system is going to affect that part of the state. Temperatures will continue to be below normal at most parts. Maximum temperature may not go beyond 28 degrees Celsius.

South India: Weather may be varied across entire south India this week. While one part may receive good rain, the other may go completely dry. Tamil Nadu, Rayalseema and interiors will receive scanty rain this week. Rain will be below 5mm and mainly dry and humid weather may bother locals. Coastal Andhra Pradesh on the other hand is expected to get mainly moderate rain due to a low pressure system affecting the area. Hyderabad and Ramagundum may receive good rain throughout the week. Temperatures will be below normal and the weather will be more than pleasant.

Lastly, the west coast of peninsular India will also compete with central India for the position of the wettest region in the country this week. Heavy rain will continue up till the Konkan coast with Mumbai and Goa expected to get 50-80mm of heavy rain. Kerala and Karnataka may record rain of up to 40mm.

Photo by Ritika Acharya.


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