Weather forecast for the week in India 27th May- 3rd June

Weather forecast for the week in India 27th May- 3rd June

06:16 PM

North and Northwest India
There will be rainfall at many places in Jammu & Kashmir during the first two days of week. A few places in Himachal Pradesh and one or two places in Uttarakhand will have rain during the period. Temperatures in these parts will remain below average till the mid-week. They would rise by 2 degrees thereafter to be near normal for rest of the week.

There are chances of dust storms in Northwest India or even thunderstorms during the first three days of the week. Easterly to southeasterly winds would change from tomorrow onwards and uneasiness would reduce from Wednesday. Temperatures would start rising from tomorrow onwards but heat wave-like conditions are not expected this week in the region.

East and northeast India
Pre-monsoon rains would keep the temperatures near average in almost entire east and northeast except in northeast Madhya Pradesh and southeast Uttar Pradesh as they would experience hot and dry westerly winds. Areas above them would get respite from high temperatures due to southeasterly to easterly winds. These sea winds would increase perspiration the entire week. Bihar, West Bengal and Sikkim would get rain at many places in later half of the week. Jharkhand will get rain at one or two places mid-week onwards.

Northeast India will have rain at many places due to the persistence of a cyclonic circulation over Assam. Moisture would continue to come from the Bay of Bengal. Temperature would be below average at many places by the weekend.

Central India and West coast
Central India will get northwest winds throughout the week but after an initial rise of 1 to 2 degrees during the first two days of the week temperatures would maintain. There could be thunder showers at one or two places in the region during the weekend. The week will be largely dry and very hot. Heat wave conditions are not expected during the week in Central India.

Along the West coast, clouds are gaining ground but due to wind conditions, they will not give much rain. Light rain would be witnessed along the West coast including Mumbai throughout the week. One or two places could even get heavy rain by the mid-week over Kerala coast. Rain will increase along the coast during the later half of the week. The entire country will keep close a watch on this rain as it would be vital for the arrival of southwest monsoon 2013 in country.

South India
Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu will have rain at one or two places all week-long.  Heat wave conditions in parts of Andhra Pradesh would abate in the next two days.