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Despite upcoming Chennai Rains, sweltering heat to continue

May 10, 2019 1:19 PM |

Chennai Weather

Chennai weather has been getting hotter since the last four days or so. In fact, temperatures have been settling above the 40-degree mark for both the observatories wherein the Minambakkam observatory recorded 42 degrees Celsius two days ago.

As per weathermen at Skymet, Chennai weather is expected to follow a similar track and no relief is likely in the coming days.

In fact, Peninsular India is all set to see good rains in the coming days all thanks to the Peninsular trough and moisture incursion from the Bay of Bengal. The proximity of rainy belt may extend towards the coastal areas and some light rains may occur over the city of Chennai on May 13 and 14. Rains will be more over the interior regions and less over the coastal parts.

Moreover, despite these light rains in Chennai, temperatures over the state capital will continue to settle above 40 degrees Celsius.

Usually, the hottest month for Chennai is April and reduces a bit during May as Pre Monsoon increases during this time.

The normal maximum temperature for Chennai settles at 37 degrees Celsius in May and it is not unusual for maximums surpass 40 degrees on a couple of occasions. Talking about the rain stats, the month of May settles at 34 mm, with June seeing 56 mm of rainfall. On the other hand, the states of Kerala, and Karnataka see a big jump in terms of rainfall amounts.

However, Chennai is a rain shadow area thus rains are not as heavy during the Monsoon months. So far in May, the city of Chennai has not seen any significant rains, and only traces of rainfall have been seen. These rains will also be light in nature and not be anything significant.

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