Delhi rains to take a backseat after 24 hours, maximum to rise soon

May 16, 2019 12:45 PM |

Delhi Rains

On and off Delhi rains have been lashing the city and the NCR region for the past two to three days. The temperatures which were settling in the lower 40s have come down in the 30s. Maximum temperature at present over the Safdarjung observatory is below normal by 5 degrees Celsius, while minimum is also settling three degrees below the normal levels.

Today morning also, Delhi did see some rains making an appearance which have restricted the increase of the maximum temperatures.

On and off rains may continue over Delhi and the NCR region for another 48 hours. Thereafter, the Western Disturbance and its induced system which were causing rains will start to move towards the east or fade away.

Therefore, rainfall activity will take a backseat after 24 hours. Sky conditions after 24 hours may remain partly cloudy due to which temperatures may not rise immediately. However, gradual increase in the temperatures is anticipated. Maximums as well as minimums may crawl back to normal by May 18 and 19.

Dry weather thereafter may persist for at least four to five days, and temperatures may settle at around 40 degrees by May 20 and 21. Heat wave like conditions may also make a comeback, but heat wave will not be observed. Moreover, southwesterly winds which had resulted in high humidity levels and kept the temperature under control will change direction and become northwesterly, which are hot and dry in nature.

Isolated light rains may be seen once again over Delhi and the NCR region around May 22 and 23. This rainy spell may not let heat wave make a comeback over the national capital and its adjoining areas.

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