Weather in Gujarat to remain dry; temperatures to fluctuate

Weather in Gujarat to remain dry; temperatures to fluctuate

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The entire state of Gujarat has been observing dry and cold weather conditions since the beginning of the winter season. Moreover, Gujarat is one exceptional state that remains completely dry with no rains during the months of January and February.

However, during this period the only change experienced over the state is temperature change. Whenever any weather system affects the hills and plains of North India, temperatures over most parts of the state start fluctuating.

This fluctuation occurs due to the reversal of wind pattern over the region. Generally, temperatures tend to rise when humid winds blow from Arabian Sea, whereas if winds are blowing from north and are dry and cold in nature, temperatures drop.

Nowadays, due to ongoing weather activities over the northwestern plains and northern hills, minimum temperature in most parts of Gujarat are settling in double digits i.e. between 15˚C to 20˚C.

On February 14, Ahmedabad  recorded its minimum temperature at 16.2˚C, followed by Amreli 17˚C, Bhuj 15˚C, Dwarka 17˚C, Okha 19.5˚C, Rajkot  15.5˚C and Surat  20.2˚C.

Now, during the next two days, as rains will vacate most parts of North India, the night temperatures over Gujarat will once again drop by 2˚C to 4˚C. However, due to reversal of winds, day temperatures do not get affected much and remain the same with very marginal increase or decrease.

Further, in wake of another rainy spell likely over North India around February 18, minimums over the state will increase. Moreover, during this rainy spell, we also expect few spells of light rain between February 20 and 21 over isolated pockets of Kutch and North Gujarat.

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