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Weather in India to turn dry in the coming days

December 11, 2013 4:20 PM |

Weather models at Skymet indicate dry weather in India in the coming days. This dryness is likely to develop due to the absence of rain in the country.

Weather in South India which has been cloudy and rainy for the last few weeks due to successive cyclones, will now turn dry and warm as Cyclone Madi will fizzle out and fail to give any significant rain over peninsular India. Though, the weather in South India could be cloudy with isolated light showers for the next 24 hours before the cyclone dies down completely.

There has hardly been any rain in South India for the last two to three days due to which the maximums have risen by about 3 to 4 degrees. Maximums in Chennai rose to 32⁰C as opposed to a temperature of about 28⁰C in the last few days.

Other than the east coast, temperatures are already quite high in the interiors and along the west coast, with maximums ranging between 32 to 35 degrees. Hunavar in coastal Karnataka has constantly been witnessing high temperatures of 35⁰C, whereas Mumbai recorded 34.7⁰C as the maximum temperature on Tuesday evening.

On the other hand, weather in North India has also been completely dry. Almost half the month of December is over but no rain has been recorded in the plains till now. Rain and snow in Jammu and Kashmir has also been minimal.

“We are reaching a time where we should no more experience dry spells in North India. Lack of a system in the Bay and an arrival of a fresh Western Disturbance could bring some rain or cloudy weather in Delhi and North India after the 17th or 18th of December”, informs a meteorologist at

He further added that except Jammu and Kashmir where light rain or snow is possible in the higher reaches, the weather in India will remain dry for the coming days, due to the lack of a system.

Even parts of East, Northeast and Central India will not observe any major changes other than light fog or marginal variation in temperatures.

Photo by Ritika Acharya.

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