Weather in Mumbai at its best

Weather in Mumbai at its best

05:52 PM

Mumbai weatherAs entire North India is shivering under intense cold, the commercial capital Mumbai is enjoying pleasant weather conditions. The maximum and minimum temperatures in the city are settling at comfortable levels. On Tuesday, Mumbai recorded 31.5°C as the maximum temperature, which is 1 degree above normal. While the minimum settled close to normal at 16.5°C on Wednesday morning.

January and February are the best months in terms of weather in Mumbai. The average maximum temperature in the city during January is 30.7°C, while the minimum records 16.8°C. In February we observe a marginal rise with average maximum recording 31.2°C. The average minimum temperature also rises to record 17.8°C. However, the weather still remains comfortable.

Rainfall during the winter months of January and February is also very nominal. According to the data available with Skymet Meteorology Division in India, Mumbai witnesses a meagre 0.6 mm of rain, while in February it is 1.3 mm. The monsoon months of June, July and August observe very heavy rain, sometimes record breaking.

The city usually experiences land breeze from night till the afternoon hours the next day. The land breeze are usually cool and pleasant. Sea breeze, which is humid and warm is experienced from late afternoon till around 10 pm. So we can say that the morning and late night hours are usually pleasant in the city.

These ideal weather conditions also make Mumbai a preferred location for many tourists looking to escape the winter chill in north India.