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Weather in South India worsening, drought like conditions expected

November 7, 2016 4:30 PM |

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South India particularly Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and interior Karnataka generally receives good rains during the Northeast Monsoon period that commences from October until December.

However, this year, rains have remained scanty in the month of October over entire Southern India region. Moreover, Northeast Monsoon has also set in quite late during October end.

As of now also, scattered showers are going on over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh but Monsoon like heavy rains are still far from coming to the southern region of the country.

As per Skymet Weather, two successive weather systems have developed over Bay of Bengal. The first one had intensified into a cyclone named 'Kyant' but as it weakened while reaching the coastal areas of the east coast of the country, it failed to give good rains over Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Another weather system recurred from west central Bay of Bengal towards Bangladesh and in the process, it has given scattered showers over coastal Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh.

Moreover, the northeasterly winds have once again commenced but still rain intensity along with its spread is comparatively less. This is a clear indication of possibility of drought-like conditions that might prevail over south peninsula during Northeast Monsoon.

In a nutshell, the picture for South India is not very encouraging for next few days and also any significant increase in rains are not foreseen over the southern regions of the country.

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