Winter chill makes a comeback over Gujarat and Rajasthan, temperatures to fall further

January 29, 2020 5:53 PM |

winter in rajasthan

Back to back four active Western Disturbances approached Western Himalayas in the month of January. Their impact was seen over Rajasthan both in terms of rainfall as well as fluctuation in temperatures.

The recent Western Disturbance has impacted weather over northern and western parts of the state which have received scattered rains and thundershower activities during the last few days. Isolated hailstorm activities were also witnessed over Sri Ganganagar and adjoining areas.

Meanwhile, the minimum temperatures saw wide variations. After the passage of this present Western Disturbance, cold winds from Western Himalayas have commenced over Rajasthan leading to a significant fall in minimums. Many parts of Rajasthan have witnessed minimums between three to four degrees.

Similarly, Gujarat was also affected by successive Western Disturbances. Although the variation in temperatures of Gujarat was much less as Northerly cold winds tends to lose chill while reaching Gujarat. However, during the last 24 hours, Gujarat witnessed a fall of two to five degrees in minimums.

So, Winter chill has once again made a comeback over northern parts of both the states.

Now, cold northerly winds from snow-clad Himalayas will continue to prevail. We expect a further fall in minimums over these states until January 31 or February 1. Thereafter, night temperatures will start increasing but the increase will be gradual. By the second week of February, most places of Rajasthan will have double digit minimums.

Now, the minimums of Gujarat will also reach double digits by third or fourth February. As a matter of fact, this may be the last winter spell over Rajasthan and Gujarat.

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