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Weather in Madedjawa, Indonesia

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Satellite image of india and weather conditions June 24, 2017
Latest INSAT satellite Image of India for 24 June 2017
Satellite image of india and weather conditions June 24, 2017
Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 23 June 2017

Weather on Twitter
Saturday, June 24 09:00Reply
Saturday, June 24 08:00Reply
At present, Chittorgarh in #Rajasthan is the #rainiest place in India with 75 mm rainfall: t.co/ziYsJ0vYZj… t.co/fYX7zmVZ7Z
Friday, June 23 22:30Reply
Weather forecast for Jun 24 Across #India: Light to moderate rains are likely ovr Madhya Pradesh,Vidarbha,Telangana t.co/JLPBmahDJp
Friday, June 23 21:31Reply
[Hindi] 24 जून मौसम पूर्वानुमान: पूर्वी उत्तर प्रदेश, बिहार और पूर्वोत्तर राज्यों में बारिश के आसार #Weather #Rainst.co/V7yH0FKeny
Friday, June 23 20:30Reply
24 जून महाराष्ट्राचा हवामान अंदाज: मुंबई, अमरावती, यवतमाळ, नाशिक मध्ये पावसाची शक्यता #Maharashtra #Mumbai #Punet.co/qeKdbrh5Fi
Friday, June 23 19:30Reply
Heavy rains lash #Alwar, #Rajasthan for more than 30 minutes t.co/KZqJ4QGNPc
Friday, June 23 19:02Reply
Friday, June 23 18:30Reply
Southwest #Monsoon forecast for Jun 24: Monsoon to remain active along West Coast, Northeast,East Bihar: t.co/OoRWTIaz3l @htTweets
Friday, June 23 18:00Reply
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