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માં હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ ઐતિહાસિક હવામાન ડિસેમ્બર
મહત્તમ તાપમાન 23.1 74° cf
લઘુતમ તાપમાન 9.3 49° cf
સર્વાધિક 29.4 85° cf  (20th 1950)
સૌથીઓછું 0.5 33° cf  (24th 1961)
માસિક કુલ 5.2 mm
વરસાદી દિવસોની સંખ્યા 0.4
કુલ ભીના મહિના 81.3 mm  (1885)
24 કલાકમાં સૌથી ભારે વરસાદ 39.4 mm  (13th 1885)
7 દિવસ માટે આગાહી હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ તપાસ
હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ હવામાન
Hazaribagh, which means '1000 leopards' is a city situated in Jharkhand. Popularly known for the Hazaribagh National Park, the city is a municipality in Jharsuguda district. The city ranks second in terms of the highest number of coal reserves in Jharkhand. The best time to visit the city is during the winter season due to the ideal weather.
હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ ઋતુઓ
હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ શિયાળામાં
Winter starts by the beginning of December and lasts till February. During this period, the average temperature hovers around 20°C. The temperature remains ideal for sightseeing and is the best time to visit the city.
હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ ઉનાળો
Summer in Hazaribagh begins in March and lasts till May. The temperature usually ranges between 24°C and 38°C. The weather is hot and humid during this period.
હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ ચોમાસાના
Monsoon in Hazaribagh usually begins in June and ends by September. The area receives seasonal rainfall during this period. However, heavy rainfall is not experienced in the region.
સ્થાનો હેજ઼ૅયરીબૉ જોવા
Hazaribagh National Park is one of the most popular tourist spots in the city. Some of the other important tourist places are Narsingsthan Temple, Bhadrakali Temple, Kandaver Temple, Rajrappa and a few others.
ટ્વીટર પર હવામાન
#Mumbai Doppler Radar shows 20.97% cloud build-up in Mumbai. #MumbaiRains #MumbaiRain #MumbaiRainsLiveUpdates
Wednesday, July 24 08:45Reply
RT @Mpalawat: It’s pouring in many parts of east and central #UP, westerns districts are also all set to get heavy #rain and #showers. #Ut
Wednesday, July 24 08:18Reply
Wednesday, July 24 08:17Reply
RT @anujmittal_: It's that time again. Extremely heavy rainfall for last 2-3 hrs and waterlogging in Kurla. #MumbaiRains @SkymetWeather
Wednesday, July 24 08:16Reply
RT @Mpalawat: As predicted, #Mumbai #SantaCruz recorded heavy #rain of 59 mm until 05:30 hours today. Intensity will increase as #Monsoon
Wednesday, July 24 07:28Reply
#MumbaiRains have caused water logging in #Dadar and #Hindmata along with parts of #Kurla witnessing the same. Plea…
Wednesday, July 24 07:27Reply
#MumbaiRains waterlogging in #Kurla, please note
Wednesday, July 24 07:15Reply
#MumbaiRains to remain intense for the next few hours, water logging may be seen in parts. Office goers please note…
Wednesday, July 24 07:13Reply

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