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As of today, #Amritsar in #Punjab is the coldest city in the plains of India, with its morning temperature settling… t.co/0GaMp8qWSd
Friday, January 24 10:30Reply
The present Western Disturbance has already moved away and in the wake of the north-westerlies, the night temperatu… t.co/zw7tiogxW9
Friday, January 24 10:15Reply
#WeatherForecast for #Kakinada: Pleasant morning with haziness and comfortable dry day with few clouds likely over… t.co/z6EuY6OQk1
Friday, January 24 10:09Reply
Weather forecast for #Baddi (#HimachalPradesh): Cool day with moderate cool winds and partly cloudy sky would preva… t.co/fW7ao2QtHd
Friday, January 24 10:07Reply
Another Western Disturbance is all set to give scattered rain and snowfall in #Jammu and #Kashmir, #Himachal Prades… t.co/XvGesjCdva
Friday, January 24 09:38Reply
The month of January has been witnessing a series of Western Disturbances due to which there has been widespread… t.co/2vDfW1Hhzx
Friday, January 24 09:37Reply
In 2020, while the entire country witnessed extreme winters this year, the state of #Telangana is still deprived of… t.co/Wwq1m2rRMY
Thursday, January 23 23:59Reply
#Marathi: जम्मू-काश्मीर, लडाख आणि हिमाचल प्रदेशच्या वरच्या भागात एक-दोन ठिकाणी पाऊस आणि बर्फवृष्टीची अपेक्षा आहे.… t.co/cjdY9oS8sW
Thursday, January 23 23:31Reply
उत्तर भारत के मैदानी राज्यों समेत मध्य और पूर्वी भारत तक ठंडी और शुष्क उत्तर-पश्चिमी हवाएँ चलेंगी जिसके चलते अगले… t.co/JlqrRg2UlF
Thursday, January 23 23:00Reply
A prolonged dry spell was continuing in the eastern parts of the country for the last many days. #Jharkhand #Bihart.co/mwIIqfEdqi
Thursday, January 23 22:30Reply

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