जनवरी में सागर के ऐतिहासिक मौसम
अधिकतम तापमान 24.6 76° cf
न्यूनतम तापमान 11.1 52° cf
उच्चतम 31.7 89° cf  (31st 1912)
निम्नतम 1.7 35° cf  (13th 1934)
मासिक योग 17.4 mm
वर्षा दिवसों की संख्या 1.3
सर्वाधिक वर्षा वाले महीने का योग 180.6 mm  (1948)
24 घंटे में सबसे भारी बारिश 84.1 mm  (13th 1887)
सागर के 7 दिनों का पूर्वानुमान जानें
ट्विटर पर मौसम
Heavy to very heavy #Mumbai rains expected on September 19 and 20, i.e. Thursday and Friday. These showers are like… t.co/Qmk42HZMqF
Wednesday, September 18 18:19Reply
Mumbai records 38 mm of rain in a span of 3 hours, heavy rains to continue. #Mumbai #MumbaiRains #MumbaiRaint.co/vSxN7ghUxA
Wednesday, September 18 18:19Reply
@iamarbazali @Mpalawat Please mention your location, we will get it verified.
Wednesday, September 18 17:44Reply
Another Low-Pressure Area is expected to develop over Northwest Bay of Bengal around September 22 or 23. t.co/6SAyZ4RUfU
Wednesday, September 18 17:32Reply
A Cyclonic Circulation which is over South #AndhraPradesh coast will induce a Low-Pressure Area by tonight. This Lo… t.co/7PyA20IoAh
Wednesday, September 18 17:30Reply
moderate rains with one or two spells are possible over #AndhraPradesh, #Telangana, #Vidarbha, and #Marathwada. t.co/6SAyZ59v7s
Wednesday, September 18 17:27Reply
नवसारी,पंचमहल, वलसाड, सूरत, वड़ोदरा, आनंद, दोहद, छोटा उदयपुर, गांधीनगर, अहमदाबाद, मेहसाणा, पाटन, साबरकांठा व बनास… t.co/GYOEO62oFq
Wednesday, September 18 17:15Reply
Though the date on Monsoon withdrawal might be nearing close but #Monsoon is still running active over the state of… t.co/58wyOfaNhd
Wednesday, September 18 17:15Reply
Rainfall data for Mumbai for the last 1 hour. Track Mumbai rains and traffic in real-time with Skymet. #Mumbait.co/VByRfbo113
Wednesday, September 18 17:06Reply
बारिश अंबाला, कुरुक्षेत्र, पानीपत व सोनीपत समेत उत्तरी तथा पूर्वी जिलों में 23 और 24 सितंबर यानि सोमवार और मंगलवार… t.co/PsebCGxBEd
Wednesday, September 18 17:05Reply

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