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21 अप्रैल का मौसम पूर्वानुमान: दिल्ली और जैसलमेर में चढ़ेगा पारा, बेंगलुरु व चेन्नई में बारिश..
Weather Forecast April 21: Temperatures to rise in Delhi and Jaisalmer, pre Monsoon showers likely in Bengaluru, Chennai

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Under a limited warming scenario, glaciers would lose about two-thirds of their present-day ice volume, while under… t.co/5Dpk7cejN0
Saturday, April 20 21:30Reply
RT @SkymetHindi: जैसलमेर, दिल्ली और बाड़मेर सहित उत्तर-पश्चिमी मैदानों में तापमान में वृद्धि की संभावना है। बेंगलुरु, हैदराबाद और चेन्नई…
Saturday, April 20 20:32Reply
Wanna know how the weather will turn out tomorrow! t.co/Paxny0XVea
Saturday, April 20 20:14Reply
Chandigarh is a mesmerising city situated in the foothills of Shivaliks. A capital city of both Punjab and Haryana,… t.co/pGzoUjrJ9n
Saturday, April 20 19:00Reply
Let’s find out what would be the best season to visit this beauty- t.co/RTkpJD0m8a
Saturday, April 20 18:30Reply
Melting of glaciers will undoubtedly have a large impact on the Alps. These are an important part of the region’s e… t.co/7cwCh8wTJZ
Saturday, April 20 18:00Reply
The matches scheduled at 8:00 p.m. at the Feroz Shah Kotla Stadium in Delhi. Weather wise, weather in Delhi is expe… t.co/rv0PxPChqU
Saturday, April 20 17:30Reply
#WeatherAlert for #Karnataka: Light rain and thundershower at some places with strong gusty winds to occur over Ban… t.co/UXrBz2BCvc
Saturday, April 20 16:36Reply
Weather Alert for Kerala: Light to moderate rain and thundershower at some places with isolated squall to occur ove… t.co/XCxUYAX3IV
Saturday, April 20 16:35Reply
Detailed weather update for pan- India! t.co/Q2F8hyzw1Z
Saturday, April 20 16:30Reply
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