Akola in September
Historical Weather of Akola in Sep
Max Temperature

32.1 90° cf

Min Temperature

23.0 73° cf


40.0 104° cf

 (10th 1899)

15.4 60° cf

 (24th 1972)
Monthly Total
122.0 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
810.3 mm  (1959)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
365.4 mm  (15th 1959)
Akola lies in Vidarbha region of Maharashtra and is known for the Akola fort and Raj-Rajeswar temple. Akola is one of the fastest growing cities in Vidarbha after Nagpur. Akola enjoys all the three weather.
Seasons in Akola
Winters in Akola
Winter starts in December and ends in February. Temperatures are also moderate during this time of the year with maximums staying close to 30°C. Minimums are comfy as well at around 13°C. Unlike North India the city does not witness any fog in winters.
Summers in Akola
Summer starts in March and ends in May. Maximum temperatures hover in the range of 38 to 42˚C. Minimums also remain high in the early twenties. Summer heat here can be unbearable for the tourists traveling in from cold countries.
Monsoon in Akola
Monsoon starts in June and lasts till September. Humidity levels remain high and good amounts of rain is be witnessed during this period.
Places to see in Akola
It is advisable to visit Akola from October to March due to moderate temperatures during this time. Winter is not as cold as North India so winter months are a good time to visit the temples and fort in city.

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