Bhagalpur in November
Historical Weather of Bhagalpur in Nov
Max Temperature

29.1 84° cf

Min Temperature

17.2 63° cf


34.6 94° cf

 (11th 0080)

11.1 52° cf

 (29th 1952)
Monthly Total
4.3 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
42.0 mm  (1956)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
37.1 mm  (2nd 1956)
Bhagalpur, located in the southern part of Bihar, is one of the oldest districts of Bihar known for its beautiful parks and majestic temples. This place also produces very good quality silk fabrics and is abundant in lychee trees and mango groves. The famous Jain temples situated here includes Nathnagar, Ajgaibinath and Vasupujya Swami Jain temple.
Seasons in Bhagalpur
Winters in Bhagalpur
Winter season is from December to February but October marks the start of the tourist season when the weather is mild and temperate. During winters the temperature ranges between 12 to 30° Celsius at this time.
Summers in Bhagalpur
March to May is generally dry with temperatures ranging from a maximum of 38°Celsius to a minimum of 25° Celsius. The mercury may also climb above 40° Celsius and therefore, it is not a good time to visit the place.
Monsoon in Bhagalpur
The month from June to September receive ample amount of rainfall and maximum temperatures remain in the lower thirties.It is possible to visit Bhagalpurinthe months of October and November as the conditions are mild and temperate.
Places to see in Bhagalpur
The best time to visit this place is from December to February as winters are cold with temperatures dropping steeply during the peak season.

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