Gorakhpur in February
Historical Weather of Gorakhpur in Feb
Max Temperature

26.5 80° cf

Min Temperature

12.0 54° cf


35.4 96° cf

 (24th 1974)

2.8 37° cf

 (2nd 1905)
Monthly Total
11.4 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
74.7 mm  (1923)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
58.2 mm  (8th 1961)
Gorakhpur is a jewel of Uttar Pradesh that is an amalgamation of culture, traditions, religions and modern, unconventional living. Number of monasteries, temples, and historical places make Gorakhpur an ideal tourist spot.
Seasons in Gorakhpur
Winters in Gorakhpur
For someone who wants to enjoy winter season that is accompanied by early morning fog, cold nights and pleasant atmosphere throughout the season, Gorakhpur is the city. Best time to visit, the winter season can be most enjoyed from December till February here.
Summers in Gorakhpur
The hot and dry days mark the presence of summer season in the city. The average summer temperature ranges from 35°C – 40°C here. Right from April till June, summer season remains on its peak in the Gorakhpur.
Monsoon in Gorakhpur
Monsoon season starts here in the month of June and lasts till September. Usually heavy rainfall is expected during this season.
Places to see in Gorakhpur
Local attractions in Gorakhpur are mesmerizing for travelers and tourists visiting this place. From temples to shrines and wellness centers, Gorakhpur houses some of the most ancient and magnificent options for sightseeing. From Vishnu temple that belongs to the dynasty of the 12th century to Arogya Mandir that was established in 1940, to the Imambara built in 1717 AD, Gorakhpur is popular for its marvelous options of sightseeing and entertaining the tourists.

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