Jamnagar in January
Historical Weather of Jamnagar in Jan
Max Temperature

26.3 79° cf

Min Temperature

10.7 51° cf


33.9 93° cf

 (19th 1933)

0.7 33° cf

 (28th 1973)
Monthly Total
1.7 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
19.8 mm  (1929)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
19.8 mm  (27th 1929)
Fondly referred as the 'Jewel of Kathiawar', Jamnagar is a coastal town in Gujarat. Situated in the Gulf of Kutch, it is famous for its beautiful beaches and wild life sanctuaries. Here you can go for trekking as well soak in the tranquility of the beaches.
Seasons in Jamnagar
Winters in Jamnagar
Winter season, from December to February is the best time to visit Jamnagar. The month of February is characterized by moderate climate. The maximum temperature during this season is around 28°C, while minimum temperature is around 12°C.
Summers in Jamnagar
Summer season in Jamnagar begins in the month of March and continues till June. Summers are extremely hot and humid. The maximum temperature during the peak of summers could rise up to 38°C and the minimum temperature settles around 24°C. This is not a very good time to visit Jamnagar.
Monsoon in Jamnagar
The monsoon season in Jamnagar lasts from June to September, with heaviest rainfall witnessed in July and August. Jamnagar, the coastal station in Gulf of Kutch, receives very strong breeze during the monsoon months. Evening and nights are very pleasant.
Places to see in Jamnagar
Jamnagar is for people with a wide variety of interests. If you are a sea lover, visit the Positra beach. The Bala Hanuman temple, Darbargadh and Kotha Bastion are among the other important destinations in Jamnagar. This place is also famous for bird sanctuaries and marine national parks.

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