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Leh in September
Historical Weather of Leh in Sep
Max Temperature

21.7 71° cf

Min Temperature

5.8 42° cf


30.6 87° cf

 (4th 1883)

-4.4 24° cf

 (30th 1940)
Monthly Total
9.0 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
68.6 mm  (1893)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
25.9 mm  (19th 1893)
If you are looking for spiritual healing as well as natural beauty, Leh is the perfect destination. Being the headquarters of Ladakh district, it is popular for adventure tourism as well. Located on the banks of the Indus River, Leh attracts a lot of tourists throughout the year. The place looks beautiful with all its amazing sceneries.
Seasons in Leh
Winters in Leh
Winter from November to February is very cold with frost bites and snowfall being a common phenomenon, making it very inhospitable for tourists. However, snow lovers can enjoy a trip during this season. The minimum temperature comes down to minus 15˚C and maximum temperature remains below 5˚C.
Summers in Leh
Summer starts in June and ends in September. It is the ideal time to explore the ancient Buddhist and other monuments as the temperatures stay in a comfortable range of 20° to 24°C. It is also a good time to visit this place as it is the only season when all the passes are open.
Monsoon in Leh
There is no specific monsoon season and intermittent rain may occur at any time.
Places to see in Leh
Although summer would be the best time to travel here, Leh attracts tourist from all across the world throughout the year.

Satellite image of india and weather conditions March 22, 2018
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Satellite image of india and weather conditions March 22, 2018
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15 days rainfall forecast
15 Days Rainfall forecast for india

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