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Mandi in September
Historical Weather of Mandi in Sep
Max Temperature

30.7 87° cf

Min Temperature

18.4 65° cf


35.9 97° cf

 (16th 1975)

9.7 49° cf

 (26th 1965)
Monthly Total
186.8 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
297.9 mm  (1962)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
115.2 mm  (1st 1955)
The historic town of Mandi is located along the banks of the River Beas. Mandi is known for its 81 old stone temples and their enormous range of fine carving, it is often called the 'Varanasi of the Hills'.
Seasons in Mandi
Winters in Mandi
Winter starts in December and ends in March. Temperatures in Mandi touch freezing point. Heavy snowfall occurs in December and is a good site to witness white hills.
Summers in Mandi
Summer steps in March and continue till May. Summer temperatures remain moderate with the highest touching 35 degrees at time.
Monsoon in Mandi
Monsoon or the rainy season starts in June and lasts till September. Good amounts of rain occurs in Mandi in the season. Visits during these months should be avoided due to wet and slippery hills.
Places to see in Mandi
Best time to visit Mandi is from October to November and then from March to May as weather remains comfortable during these months. Mandi could be a good option for witnessing snowfall if you want to avoid the crowds of Shimla.

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