Puri in April
Historical Weather of Puri in Apr
Max Temperature

31.0 88° cf

Min Temperature

26.2 79° cf


41.1 106° cf

 (26th 1947)

18.1 65° cf

 (6th 1976)
Monthly Total
12.1 mm
No. of rainy days
Total in wettest month
107.9 mm  (1909)
Heaviest rain in 24 hours
82.0 mm  (9th 1919)
Situated in the state of Odisha along the coast of Bay of Bengal, Puri stands among the most sacred pilgrimages for the Hindus. According to the Hindu mythology, Puri is the resting place of Lord Vishnu and the famous Jagannath temple is situated here. The town is thronged by lakhs of pilgrims and tourists during the world famous Rath-Yatra held every year in the months of June and July. There are other places like the Chilka Lake, Puri beach, Chilka Wildlife Sanctuary and the Gundicha Ghar that are a centre of tourist attraction. The town observes three main seasons- winter, summer and monsoon.
Seasons in Puri
Winters in Puri
Winter months in the city are from December to February. The town does not witness extreme temperatures during winters. However, minimums can sometimes drop as low as 10°C but it usually hovers between 10-18°C. This is best season to travel here for pilgrims.
Summers in Puri
Summer season starting from March till May is usually very hot with maximum touching 40°C or more at times. Any travel plans during this time should be avoided. However, March is comfortable as mercury levels do not soar too high.
Monsoon in Puri
June to September observe the monsoon season. Good amounts of rain lashes the town during this period. One can think of travelling here during this time as temperatures drop due to rain, making the weather cool. But it also gets a little messy to walk the roads.
Places to see in Puri
The best time ti visit Puri is during winters due to its moderate temperatures in this period. Monsoon can also be a good time to visit as temperatures drop due to rain thus providing huge relief from the summer weather.

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