Utmanzay, Afghanistan हवामान

ट्विटर वर हवामान
Eastern parts of #Bihar haven’t received any rain activities. Today, we expect the eastern districts of Bihar to al… t.co/Yo8FS40Ol7
Friday, December 13 14:10Reply
#Bihar has received light to moderate rains at many places. Patna recorded 40 mm rains, while Gaya recorded 2 mm. T… t.co/oMIMNwY6Qr
Friday, December 13 14:00Reply
#Rajasthan के हनुमानगढ़ और श्री गंगानगर के इलाकों में भी ओलावृष्टि की गतिविधियां देखने को मिली। जबकि, राज्य के अन्य… t.co/SJ5qJUdEFU
Friday, December 13 13:45Reply
Heavy snowfall has made its appearance over #Uttarakhand wreaking havoc over the region. All schools in Dehradun, R… t.co/h48Q43Ck9v
Friday, December 13 13:30Reply
Have a look at the day and night temperatures for major cities of India on December 13. #Weather t.co/Cm3PNamfgz
Friday, December 13 13:20Reply
#Rajasthan में पिछले 24 घंटों के दौरान व्यापक रूप से अच्छी बारिश देखने को मिली है। राज्य के नागौर में कल यानि 12 दि… t.co/OMo0autltc
Friday, December 13 13:10Reply
#WeatherAlert for #Chhattisgarh and #MadhyaPradesh: Rain and thundershower at some places with gusty strong winds w… t.co/5yxXaAXKEG
Friday, December 13 13:02Reply
The first half of December is almost over, and it seems like #snowfall is not in any mood to take a break as such.… t.co/Tut4rs82t7
Friday, December 13 13:00Reply
Nagaur in #Rajasthan was covered in a white sheet of hail, when skies came gushing with uncalled for hailstorm. Mer… t.co/SHZpbqCbEo
Friday, December 13 12:45Reply
Moreover, the national capital of #Delhi has received record heavy rains in a span of 24 hours yesterday. Strong wi… t.co/oChiEeblDm
Friday, December 13 12:30Reply

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