15 दिवस Sangli, Maharashtra हवामान अंदाज 15 Days Daily

ट्विटर वर हवामान
जम्मू कश्मीर, लदाख, हिमाचल प्रदेश और उत्तराखंड में कई स्थानों पर होगा हिमपात | पंजाब, हरियाणा, दिल्ली, उत्तरी राजस्… t.co/PasZLECBXw
Thursday, February 27 15:15Reply
बारिश का यह दौर राजस्थान में दो दिनों का होगा, जिसमें 28 फरवरी की शाम या रात से राजस्थान के उत्तरी इलाकों में गरज… t.co/xTod0mJGkd
Thursday, February 27 15:00Reply
#Goa is now likely to see a further change in wind pattern as a Western Disturbance is soon going to approach the h… t.co/esgDwRAagE
Thursday, February 27 14:40Reply
Moreover, Goa’s day temperatures rose to more than 36 degrees on about five occasions in February 2020. On February… t.co/nYprQnt1ck
Thursday, February 27 14:30Reply
आज यानि 27 फरवरी की रात को जम्मू व कश्मीर में एक-दो स्थानों पर हल्की बारिश शुरू हो सकती है। धीरे-धीरे बारिश की तीव्… t.co/6az7QgkZXa
Thursday, February 27 14:00Reply
The weather will start clearing up by March 1 from most parts of the hills. The Western Disturbance would have move… t.co/F8xL680AvA
Thursday, February 27 13:40Reply
On February 28, #JammuandKashmir, #Ladakh and parts of #HimachalPradesh are likely to observe light to moderate rai… t.co/pSwiAvCU0G
Thursday, February 27 13:30Reply
During the next 24 hours, widespread rain and thundershowers will continue in #Assam, #ArunachalPradesh, #Meghalayat.co/hUq83gxWiy
Thursday, February 27 13:12Reply
Heavy #hailstorm in parts of #Bihar and in pockets of #Jharkhand have taken the lives of 11 people so far. t.co/8ZknZ5C99J
Thursday, February 27 12:06Reply
By tomorrow morning, isolated light rains will commence over western parts of #Punjab, #Haryana, and North… t.co/8ERLKZ0Cs9
Thursday, February 27 11:18Reply

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