Mysore in October
ऑक्टोबर मध्ये मैसूर ऐतिहासिक हवामान
अधिकतम तापमान

28.4 83° cf

न्यूनतम तापमान

19.6 67° cf


32.8 91° cf

 (1st 1905)
सर्वात कमी

12.9 55° cf

 (31st 1974)
मासिक एकूण
166.5 mm
पावसाळी दिवस क्रमांक
ओल्या महिन्यांची बेरीज
390.5 mm  (1953)
24 तासांमध्ये सर्वात जास्त पाऊस
112.7 mm  (22nd 1963)
7 दिवस मैसूर अंदाज जाणून घ्या
मैसूर हवामान
Mysore is the second largest city in the State of Karnataka. It is the erstwhile capital of the Mysore Maharajas, who ruled Mysore State from this royal city. Mysore still has an old world charm, which has not given way to modern amenities. In addition to its beautiful silk sarees and sandalwood oil, Mysore is famous for sandalwood and rose wood carved articles.
मैसूर हंगाम
मैसूर मध्ये हिवाळा
Winter begins in November and continues till the end of February. It is very pleasant during this period, and minimum temperatures can drop to as low as 10°C.
मैसूर मध्ये उन्हाळ्याच्या
Summer starting in March and ending in May is little hot with an average maximum of 32°C and a minimum of 20°C. A wide variation in temperature between days and nights are observed during summers.
मैसूर पावसाळा
Monsoon season begins in June and lasts till October. Rainfall is medium to heavy with the month of October experiencing maximum rainfall exceeding 150mm.
ठिकाणी मैसूर पाहण्यासाठी
Best time to visit the place is post November when the weather is pleasant. It is also around this time that the famous Mysore Dusshera festival is celebrated. The Mysore palace as well as the rest of the city is decked-upas a bride during Dusshera and a glimpse of this will make your visit to this city worthwhile.

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