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ਟਵਿਟਰ ਉੱਤੇ ਮੌਸਮ
#Hindi: 12-13 दिसंबर को उत्तर प्रदेश के पश्चिमी जिलों में भारी बारिश और ओलावृष्टि की संभावना। पूर्वी जिलों में भी क… t.co/6KEdMdx19s
Tuesday, December 10 18:45Reply
Normally #cyclones keep taking turns, when they once occur in Bay of Bengal and then in the Arabian Sea since when… t.co/akKEWREY42
Tuesday, December 10 18:37Reply
The average #cyclones in a year is four with one forming in #ArabianSea and the other three in the #BayofBengal. Ho… t.co/7GCSTlsbBg
Tuesday, December 10 18:31Reply
Due to the blowing of light winds over #DelhiNCR, the pollution levels continue to be in poor to a very poor situat… t.co/5L0Y8NUWEl
Tuesday, December 10 18:26Reply
The year 2019 ends a decade of exceptional #globalheat, retreating ice and record sea-levels driven by the… t.co/aENj6YeU3B
Tuesday, December 10 18:12Reply
We expect a fresh spell of #rain over #Punjab and #Haryana on December 12.  t.co/ykIwAantyn
Tuesday, December 10 17:12Reply
#Marathi: एक ट्रफ रेषा राजस्थान पासून विदर्भ पर्येंत विकसित होईल ज्यामुळे विदर्भात काही ठिकाणी पावसाची शक्यता आहे.… t.co/xLx6tjGGc8
Tuesday, December 10 16:46Reply
#DelhiPollution: At present, the air pollution of Delhi and NCR is in 'poor to very poor' category as the winds blo… t.co/MZ4DrTktYJ
Tuesday, December 10 16:24Reply
#Delhi: now we expect the minimums to rise once again by two to three degrees in the next few days because of an ap… t.co/KaiYHlYggv
Tuesday, December 10 15:53Reply
#Hindi: गुरदासपुर, होशियारपुर, पठानकोट, अमृतसर, कपूरथला, जालंधर और रूपनगर जैसे उत्तरी जिलों में 12 और 13 दिसम्बर को… t.co/hnoGXSDAn8
Tuesday, December 10 15:45Reply

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