Jaisalmer in December
உள்ள ஜெய்சல்மர் வரலாற்று வானிலை டிசம்பர்
மேக்ஸ் வெப்பநிலை

25.4 78° cf

குறைந்தபட்ச வெப்பநிலை

8.4 47° cf


33.6 92° cf

 (11th 1963)

-0.6 31° cf

 (27th 1950)
மாதாந்த மொத்த
3.0 mm
மழை நாட்களில் எண்
மாதம்தான் ஈரப்பதம் மாதத்தில் மொத்த
29.9 mm  (1979)
24 மணி நேரம் ஹெவியஸ்ட் மழை
26.8 mm  (26th 1979)
7 நாட்கள் ஜெய்சல்மர் கூறலை பார்க்கலாம்
ஜெய்சல்மர் வானிலை
Jaisalmer is a World Heritage Site located in Rajasthan. It lies about 575 km west of Jaipur and is named after its founder Maharawal Jaisal Singh who was a Rajput king. Jaisalmer is home to several beautiful forts, majestic lakes, and widespread gardens. Jaislmer is also known as 'The Sun City' or 'The Golden City' mainly because of the golden appearance that stems from its yellow sand and sandstone structures which dot the city. The best time to visit Jaisalmer is between the months of November and February.
ஜெய்சல்மர் சீசன்ஸ்
ஜெய்சல்மர் குளிர்காலம்
The winter season in Jaisalmer comes into effect by mid-November and continues till February end. Winters are earmarked by pleasant days and chilly nights. Day temperatures seldom exceed 30°C while night temperatures fall to as low as 5°C.
ஜெய்சல்மர் நகரில் கோடை
The summer season in Jaisalmer usually begins from the month of March and lasts till June end. Summers in the golden city are extremely hot and dry. Day temperatures shoot up to 44°C but nights are comparatively cooler with temperatures settling at and around 25°C.
ஜெய்சல்மர் பருவக்காற்று காலம்
There isn't a proper monsoon season in Jaisalmer as it is an arid region which receives very less rainfall. Annual rainfall in Jaisalmer averages around 20 cm and the months of July and August experience highest amount of rainfall
இடங்கள் ஜெய்சல்மர் பார்க்க
Jaisalmer is a tourist hotspot which experiences a footfall in millions throughout the year. There are number of places to visit in Jaisalmer and all are equally enchanting. Some of the major tourist destinations include, Jaisalmer Fort (one of the largest forts in the world built in the year 1156 AD, pride of Jaisalmer), Patwon-Ki-Haveli (a five-storied architectural marvel with intricate detailing and structuring), Bada Bagh, Sam Sand Dunes (ideal for camelback safaris and hosts the famous Desert Festival in February and March each year with a variety of attractions), Thar Heritage Museum, Gadisar Lake, Desert National Park, Silk Route Art Gallery, and others.

இந்தியா மற்றும் வானிலை செயற்கைக்கோள் படம்
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இந்தியா மற்றும் வானிலை செயற்கைக்கோள் படம்
Latest METEOSAT satellite Image of India for 19 January 2019
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JAM: Latest Satellite images of India

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