Climate Change: Oil companies are now investing in carbon removal

Climate Change: Oil companies are now investing in carbon removal

07:26 PM

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We are all aware of the fact that electric fans make people feel cooler. However, do you think that they could lower the ever rising temperatures as well? Some of the biggest fossil fuel companies would like to find out.

Chevron, Occidental Petroleum and BHP have put resources into Carbon Engineering, a Canadian start-up technology to remove carbon from the air, as mentioned in a report by the The New York Times.

At its pilot venture in Squamish, a town around 30 miles north of Vancouver, Carbon Engineering is utilizing a colossal fan to suck a lot of air into a scouring vessel intended to extricate carbon dioxide. The gas would then be able to be covered or changed over into a perfect consuming—however costly—engineered fuel.

The company has also mentioned that its synthetic fuels could be used in a car, truck and plane engines, and would contribute way less into air pollution as compared to the traditional fuels.

Putting resources into Carbon Engineering and other carbon-decrease activities are a piece of a rising exertion by petroleum product ventures to stay applicable and gainful as face a torrent of claims, financial specialist goals and guidelines provoking them to put more in clean vitality.

Obviously, enormous vitality organizations keep on penetrating for oil and gas and are pushing the Trump organization and different governments to open more domain to investigate.

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