Amazing river of sand and hail in Iraq

Amazing river of sand and hail in Iraq

01:04 PM

Iraq is known for hot, dry summers and short, cool winters. But in a surprise turn of events, this year Iraq was hit by a torrential rain and ice storm. This led to a major meltdown in the war-torn country. This arid region has seen ice storms, strong winds and heavy rain during the last couple of days. Over the past few weeks, floods triggered by heavy rainfall in Iraq have killed dozens of people. Widespread damage was caused in Egypt, Israel, Jordan and Saudi Arabia.

Here in the footage above, we can see an Iraqi man watching in disbelief a river of sand and hail. This incredible footage, taken on November 16, caused chaos in the Middle East. Here the man at point can be seen retrieving large chunks of hail.

This is a rare phenomenon and nobody could ascertain when was the last time it happened. The residents are taking this unusual weather event as God's meltdown as we could not withstand the heat of terror in Iraq.

Image Credit - Mirror UK