How To Make Fried Food Healthy?

April 18, 2015 2:28 PM |

Fried Friday: How To Make Fried Food Healthy?

It’s fried Friday, and whenever you think of fried food, you look at your growing belly and take the thought out of your mind. But if you consider Elvis Presley’s advice, deep fried things are nothing less than super delicious. Here’s the catch, fried foods do not have to be necessarily unhealthy if you follow the guidelines below. We bring you 5 ways to make that delicious, toothsome fried food healthy.

Fry in the Correct Temperature

Fried Friday: How To Make Fried Food Healthy?The temperature of the oil in which you fry food needs to be just right to make it healthy. If the oil is too cool, your food is likely to soak up more oil. If it’s too hot, your oil may break down which is again not good for the food. So make sure the temperature is good, the food will automatically be healthy.

Don’t use low quality oil

Fried Friday: How To Make Fried Food Healthy?It is not just the quality of the oil that should matter but also the type of oil you use in your food to make it healthier. The stability of oils varies at higher temperatures, which is also called the ‘smoke point’.  The higher the smoke point, the better the oil is for cooking. The best oil one should use is the rice bran oil since it has a high smoke point.

Make it Yourself, Don’t Depend on Restaurants

Fried Friday: How To Make Fried Food Healthy?Junk food is completely fine to eat as long as you are making it by yourself. Why head out to a fast food joint when you can make it all by yourself. You know what ingredients are going into the food and what oil is being used in the food. Thus, the food that you make at home is way healthier than at a fast food joint.

Don’t Fry Unhealthy Stuff

Fried Friday: How To Make Fried Food Healthy?Why fry a potato, when you can fry a cauliflower? The deal is to fry healthy ingredients than going in for fatty food. You can fry Brussel sprouts, chickpeas, broccoli, and say no to the wicked onion ring. At least you are eating something healthy in the process.

Use only Fresh Oil

Fried Friday: How To Make Fried Food Healthy?There are times when you should be willing to pay a price to remain healthy. Oil when exposed to high temperatures breaks down easily and releases free radicals in your ‘healthy’ food. This is another reason you should not go for food from fast food joints. Do not reuse the oil when frying food, it may be expensive but what’s more important is your health.

Follow the above guidelines and enjoy Fried Friday without worrying too much about gaining the extra pounds. After all fried food is simply mind blowing.




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