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The Influence Of Weather Conditions On The Result In Sports

May 21, 2022 8:00 AM |

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Few people pay attention to the weather, and in many games, weather conditions have a significant impact on the results. No pre-game debriefing is complete if you ignore precipitation, fog, atmospheric pressure, or wind.

The weather factor is not considered in all disciplines. Basketball, hockey, volleyball, table tennis, and other sports are held indoors, where there is no direct influence of the weather on the game's result.

When checking the weather forecast, remember that weather forecasters can be wrong, especially in long-term forecasting. The closer the event, the more accurate the forecast.

Besides, weather conditions affect vision, concentration, and thinking. No wonder experts who provide "pay for essay paper" service advise students who play sports not to load themselves with homework before competitions if they strongly succumb to the weather conditions.

What weather conditions affect the result?


It is a typical occurrence when it rains in a soccer stadium. Because the game is not paused, the participants must adjust. Players are more likely to make mistakes. It's more difficult to make an accurate pass or hit the goal.

However, keep in mind that light rain or high humidity accelerates the movement of the ball across the lawn. Controlling the ball is more difficult and goalkeepers have less reaction time. In addition, the ball is dangerous to catch and the bounce is not always predicted.


Snow affects performance in sports where vision is important:

• Biathlon;
• Shooting stage;
• Archery.

The snowfall worsens visibility and reduces the difference in class between the favorites and the underdogs.


In any game, the wind causes inconvenience, but if in football it slightly changes the trajectory of the ball, then in tennis, athletes have to change the force of impact and the technique of receiving the ball in unusual conditions.


Severe fog slows down the competition, which is likely to come to a halt. The losing team usually benefits from a forced stoppage because they recover and gather their strength.

Atmospheric pressure

A person's coordination and performance decrease under low atmospheric pressure. The higher the altitude, the lower the pressure. Athletes have repeatedly claimed that competing in Chile, where stadiums are constructed in the hills, is challenging. Locals are used to such conditions and tolerate them without issue.


Sometimes the temperature drops below 15 degrees. The players want the game to be over as soon as possible. The cold restricts movement. Past injuries become more painful.


The intense heat takes more energy and requires increased endurance. In the team disciplines, it is still possible to distribute the load, but in singles, it all depends on one athlete. Mastery takes second place. The main thing is physical endurance.


The weather has an effect on the results, but researchers from the company highlight don't overestimate its significance. It is hardly a given that weather forecasters will predict precipitation in three days. It is not for nothing that offices take bets on the weather because everyone would earn by trusting the weather forecasters.

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