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What does the weather have to do with cricket betting

October 14, 2020 3:00 PM |

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The weather has long affected our lives in everything we do. Our clothing, our diets, and every other day to day activities revolve around the weather. Sports are no different in this regard. All outdoor sports are affected in some way or the other by the weather. Weather influences a variety of aspects of the game and ultimately can affect the outcome of a game. The knowledge of weather on any particular day or venue is very important, especially for those who are playing as well as the support staff.

In a game like cricket, those who bet on games should have knowledge about the team composition, current run of form of selected players, records at the venue, and also about the playing conditions at the venue, and how the weather can affect the outcome of a game. Those involved in cricket betting should know how changes in weather can affect the scoreline, or if the match could be curtailed due to rain or poor light, and also check cricket predictions by crickettix.

Although what ultimately matters is the skill, individual performance, and team effort, a smart cricket captain can definitely use their knowledge of the weather to alter the outcome of a game. Here we look at some weather scenarios where the overall outcome of the game can be impacted.


With better ground designs, better drainage systems, and covered pitches, the impact of rains has surely been reduced on the game of cricket. However, excessive rains can make even a covered pitch softer, which makes stroke playing difficult because the ball does not bounce well and does not come onto the bat. If there is bright sunshine after the rain, it dries out the pitch too quickly, leading to cracking on the surface. This too makes batting difficult as the ball can spin or bounce sharply if it is pitched on the cracks.
A wet outfield after rains makes it difficult for the fielders to field as the grass gets slippery. And a wet ball is difficult to grip for both spinners as well the fast bowlers.

Overcast skies

Every fast bowler’s dream, an overcast sky immediately puts the odds in the favor of the side which has a good seam attack. An overcast sky means that there is more humidity in the air. This increased humidity results in increased friction and ultimately increased swing for the seam bowlers. Thus during a test match, the team winning the toss on an overcast day is always looking to bowl first to exploit the conditions.

In one-day matches, the advantage may lie with the team batting second because if the match is shortened due to rain, the side batting first often find themselves putting up below par targets.

Bright sunshine

A perfect day as far as batsmen are concerned, these conditions are often seen in the subcontinent. The pitch gets nicely firmed up due to the dry conditions and gives a predictable bounce. The batsmen can play their strokes naturally without the fear of the ball behaving weirdly.

Also, bright sunshine tends to wear off the bowlers faster because of the heat and they tend to lose their sting. The winner of the toss will most definitely like to bat first in such conditions.


Often a game-changer in the shorter format of the game, dew plays an important part in the later part of a day-night game. Dew is often seen during the evenings in games played in the subcontinent, making the outfield wet. A wet ball is difficult to bowl with because it’s not easy to get a proper grip in it. Also, the ball tends to skid off the wicket when it bounces, making it easy for batsmen to score off them.


Strong winds blowing from the off or the keg side can help fast bowlers generate more swing making it more difficult for the batsmen. The spinners too can drift the ball through the air, making it difficult for the batsmen. Bowlers running into the wind find their pace reduced, helping the batsmen, while bowlers bowling with the wind enjoy an increased speed of their bowling.

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