Cyclone Vayu Updates for Karachi: Karachi gears up for rains and rough sea conditions as Cyclone Vayu nears

June 12, 2019 9:59 AM |

Cyclone Vayu in Karachi

At present temperatures in Karachi are being recorded close to 35 to 36 degree Celsius. Also, minimums are close to 28 to 29 degree Celsius. The weather is dry and clear sky conditions are prevailing over the city. Karachi is witnessing similar clear weather since the last many days.

Now in the wake of Severe Cyclone Vayu, we expect the weather conditions to change considerably over the city. At first, sky conditions will become cloudy to partly cloudy in the next 24 hours. By tomorrow, we expect rain activities to commence over Karachi and adjoining parts of Sindh and South Pakistan.

Gradually the speed of winds will start increasing. By tomorrow the wind speed over Karachi coast can reach the order of 60-70 kmph, gusting to 80 kmph. Sea wave heights will also increase to the tune of 10 to 15 feet.

Locals are advised to take necessary precaution. People are advised not to venture out in the sea during the next 3 to 4 days.

The intensity of rain may increase over the city on June 13 and 14. Also, light rains are expected on June 15. June 16 onward weather will start clearing up over the city. Not just Karachi, but the adjoining coastal cities are going to receive rains as well.

After reaching the coast of Gujarat, Cyclone Vayu will remain almost stagnant over that area for at least next 48 hours until June 15. The weather activities might become severe for a short duration. Most of the damaging winds will be over Gujarat and Kutch, however. Karachi will be in outer periphery of Cyclone so it will not directly hit the city.

After a long dry spell, Karachi is going to receive some rains in lieu of Cyclone Vayu. That surely bring a sigh a relief for the locals.

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