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Madhya Pradesh to remain hot and dry for the coming week, parts to reel under heat wave

April 25, 2019 11:31 AM |

The state of Madhya Pradesh in Central India does not get affected directly by most of the pre-Monsoon weather systems, due to its geographical location. But few northern districts such as Bhind, Morena, Gwalior, Sheopur, Shivpuri and Datia that lie close to the vicinity of northwestern plains tend to observe on and off isolated weather activities.

Rest all other central, eastern and southern parts of the state witness very little weather activities during the pre-Monsoon season.

In March, West Madhya Pradesh was rain deficient by a large margin of 63%, while East Madhya Pradesh had witnessed near normal rains with a surplus of 8%.

The first half of April also saw a similar pattern but thereafter several spells of weather activities struck the region. In fact, on April 16, widespread rain and thundershowers accompanied with dust storm, hailstorm and strong winds caused a lot of disruption in the state. Few lives were also lost due to lightning strikes.

Thereafter, intermittent scattered pre-Monsoon rains occurred over the state and as of today, West Madhya Pradesh is rain surplus by a huge margin of 87%, while East Madhya Pradesh is surplus by 30%.

Since the last few days now, dry and hot weather conditions are prevailing in Madhya Pradesh with day temperatures exceeding 40˚C. Some of the places in western and southern parts of the state are reeling under heat wave conditions.

Yesterday, Khargone recorded seasons highest maximum temperature at 45.6˚C, making it the hottest city in India. Many other places in West Madhya Pradesh such as Dhar recorded day temperatures between 43˚C to 44˚C.

In the coming days, due to the absence of any significant weather systems, the entire state of Madhya Pradesh will remain dry and very hot. Temperatures will also continue to rise, and few more pockets of the region may come under the influence of heat wave condition.

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