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Manali, Srinagar, Shimla soon to be the perfect summer escape

March 10, 2018 10:18 AM |

Know when double digit minimums hit Manali, Srinagar, Shimla making them a summer escape

North India has three hilly states inclusive of Jammu and Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh and Uttarakhand. Currently, the winters have receded from the plains while hilly resorts still have tourists thronging the region due the weather still being on the pleasant and benign.

Moreover, as we head towards the peak of summers, the plains of North India become quite uncomfortable due to the scorching heat. Thus, tourists rush to the hills to enjoy the pleasant weather conditions.

The most beloved destinations in the North Indian hills include Shimla which lies at an elevation of 2205 metres in the Dhauladar range. On the other hand, Manali which is an extension of Kullu in the Shivalik range at an elevation of 2039 metres. Srinagar, which is a valley adjacent to the Pir Panjal range is at an elevation of 1585 metres.

The beauty of hilly resorts is that slowly and steadily, they slip into pleasant weather conditions from the earlier harsh and chilly wintry spell. More of it gets realised when these cities start observing double digit minimum temperatures. The maximum temperature in the summer generally remains in the mid twenties and occasionally touches 30 degrees.


However, even these double-digit minimums in the three hilly resorts do not begin to occur in the same time frame. Shimla is the leader to witness double digit minimums in February itself, while Srinagar follows suit slightly late around March. Meanwhile, Manali is the last to see double digit minimum only in the month of May.

Last year, the minimum clocked over 10 degrees Celsius around February 19 while the same phenomenon occurred over Srinagar during the end of March.

As far as the average temperature for the cities is concerned, the table below will give you a fair idea of the averages that these cities between March and May

Hills Minimums

This year, both Srinagar and Manali have not seen minimums going above the 10-degree mark. However, Shimla has seen the minimum being recorded at 10.3 degrees on February 27. In the coming days, as summer creeps in, weather will start to become even more pleasant resulting in increase in minimums. April and May always remain the preferred months for these tourist destinations.

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