Monsoon finally covers entire country, four days later than normal date

July 19, 2019 3:58 PM |

Monsoon in India, NLM showing Monsoon covers entire country


After a long wait and anticipation, Southwest Monsoon 2019 has finally covered the entire country with a delay of just about four days with the usual arrival being July 15. Monsoon, which had only left bits of West Rajasthan to be covered has reached that milestone as well.

With this, the western end of the Monsoon Trough is near its normal position while the eastern arm is slightly south than its normal course.

This year, Monsoon had made a delayed arrival over the Indian Mainland, i.e. the state of Kerala on June 8, which is a week after the normal date of June 1.
Moreover, Monsoon had a delayed onset over the city of Mumbai, only arriving on June 25, followed by delayed onsets over the entire country. Delhi saw Monsoon rains on July 5, which is again a week late than its usual date of June 28.

Talking about Monsoon covering the entire country in the last decade, check out the table below:

Monsoon Coverage


Monsoon has had the most delayed coverage in 2017, i.e. July 19. On the other hand, the earliest coverage in the last ten years has been in 2013 wherein Monsoon reached the entire country on June 16 itself.


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