Nepal Floods and landslides: Death toll rises to 40 as situation worsens

Nepal Floods and landslides: Death toll rises to 40 as situation worsens

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Floods in Nepal have been wreaking havoc over the residents. Heavy to very heavy rains have been lashing many areas. As of now, as per media reports, at least 40 people have been killed and 12 others remain missing. As per the Red Cross, the death toll has crossed 53.

Due to massive flooding caused by heavy rains, several landslides have also been occurring over the state further worsening the situation over the neighbouring nation. Due to these floods, rivers in the eastern parts of Bihar have also been rising above the danger levels.

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Most of the casualties have been reported from the Terai region which has been witnessing heavy flooding since the last 48 hours or so. However, the unfortunate part is that these areas are expected to receive more showers in the coming 24 hours which is likely to make matters worse.

Both the rivers, Koshi as well as Bagmati have crossed the danger levels. Krishna Bahadur Mahara, who is the Deputy Prime Minister and foreign minister of Nepal has requested India to open the gates of the barrage on River Koshi since breaching banks of the river have put dozens of human settlements at risk. However, if the gates are opened, parts of India may come under the risk of submergence.

Thousands in Nepal have been forced to flee their homes after severe flooding destroyed several homes and settlements in the nation. Over a dozen districts have been affected forcing residents to climb into trees to save themselves from flooding waters.

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