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Prolonged hot and dry spell over Northwest and Central India, here's why

April 17, 2022 1:42 PM |

This year, many parts of the country have been witnessing intense heat wave. Average maximum temperatures of the country were 33.1 degree during March 2022, which is highest since 1901. First few days of April seem to be hottest since last many years.

There are various factors responsible for these high temperatures. An anticyclone formed during second week of March over the Western parts of Rajasthan. Dry and hot winds from Balochistan, Central Pakistan and Thar desert continued over Northwest and Central India and penetrated up to Telangana.

The western disturbances which are responsible for rain and snowfall over Western Himalayas remained absent during March. Pre monsoon activities over most parts of northwest and Central India also remained absent leading to clear sky and scorching Sunshine.

There was scattered rain and thunderstorm activities associated with light rainfall over Northern parts of Rajasthan, parts of Punjab, Haryana, western part of Uttar Pradesh and at isolated pockets of Delhi between April 12 and 14. These pre monsoon activities helped in subsiding the temperatures for a very short while over many parts of northwest and Central India.

The Western disturbance has moved away and another western disturbance will approach Western Himalayas by April 19. However, its impact will be negligible over Northwest and Central part of the country. Heat wave will once again intensify.

There was no significant weather system that developed over Bay of Bengal which would have traveled across coastal Andhra Pradesh to Telangana. In that scenario, temperatures of Telangana would have been subsided giving some relief. But in the absence of weather system over Bay of Bengal as well as dry and hot winds from northwest direction, there was intense heat over Telangana as well.

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