Uttar Pradesh, Bihar continue to shiver, winter chill to persist

Uttar Pradesh, Bihar continue to shiver, winter chill to persist

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Most parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar continue to shiver under severe cold conditions. The reason for this persistent chilly weather over both the states is the layer of thick fog that has engulfed these regions.

Skymet Weather reiterates that the humidity levels over these regions are high and the wind speed is light. Both these factors are also aiding in the formation of fog over both Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. The high humidity levels and light speed of winds are not letting the fog to dissipate which is why it is sustaining for longer duration thereby resulting in cold day and cold wave conditions at many places.

The weathermen at Skymet Weather explains that humidity is an invisible factor and yet plays an essential role in not allowing the cold wave and cold day conditions to abate from the region.

Presently, most parts of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are recording maximums at almost half of their monthly average. In fact, the minimums in isolated pockets of both the states are also settling below 5°C.

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Places like Patna, Purnea, Bhagalpur, and Chapra in Bihar along with Gorakhpur, Bahraich, and Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh have been observing cold day conditions. The maximums in all these regions are settling below the 15-degree mark. The humidity levels in these regions are also very high.

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Let’s take a look at the temperatures and the humidity levels observed by these stations in the last 24 hours in the table below:


Furthermore, due to the absence of any significant weather system, the weather is expected to follow the similar pattern in both the two states for at least the next two to three days.

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