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10 must have foods to keep you toasty in winter

February 26, 2024 8:00 AM |

must have foods to keep you toasty in winter

Foods that keep you warm, keep them handy as winter is here!   As the temperatures begin to drop, sleeping in cosy blankets and dressing up in warm jackets won’t be enough. Not only does keeping yourself covered keep you toasty but eating a particular type of food also keeps you disease free and warm. Sinful hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate always bring that warmth to your body, but there are others too. Check out 10 such foods to keep yourself warm and immune this winter.

Cold Coffee

Yes, you heard it right! Not only does a steaming hot cup of coffee keep you warm, but a brutally cold iced coffee also keeps the cold away.  Turns out, it is not the temperature but the caffeine that brings in the warmth. So, when you crave for a cold coffee sometime during the chilly days, don’t hesitate in drinking that glass of goodness.


Who doesn’t love munching a bowl of nuts on a cold wintry afternoon? Whether you roast or toast it or only need to crunch a few just like that, nuts are one of the best foods that keep you warm during winter. Cashew nuts, almonds, peanuts, and walnuts, eat one or eat them all, you are sure to stay toasty this winter.


The magic root is magical during winters as well. Add it to your morning cup of tea or put some in your favourite curry, ginger has the power to not only keep you warm but to also keep you free from diseases. Suffering from a cold? How about a steaming cup of ginger tea? You can even add it to your favourite soup and reap the benefits.

Whole Grains

Your healthy morning meal, oats is not only great for keeping your body weight in check, but it also keeps your body warm. Grains including brown rice, quinoa, barley, and oats give your body the warmth it needs during winter and prevent you from slowing down when it’s cold outside. So, a bowl of oatmeal every day keeps the laziness away.


Doesn’t that steaming glass of turmeric milk make that flu go away? Turmeric is another food that keeps your body warm in winter. Not only can you add it in your milk but in Indian households, turmeric is a must add-on to your daily dal and curry.  So, the next time you are feeling down, help yourself with a turmeric milk shot and keep those diseases away.


Jaggery adds a new flavor to every sweet dish and is a great aid of a cough when consumed with ginger. Not only is jaggery much healthier than sugar but it also keeps you toasty during the chilly winter months. So, don’t fret when someone offers you a bowl of gud ka rasgulla, instead eat more than just one.

Mulled wine

If you need to keep yourself warm from the inside and enjoy a great beverage at the same time, mulled wine may be your best bet. The hot and spicy version of your favourite wine will tingle your taste buds and make you want more.


Sunday ho ya Monday roz khao Andey. During the cold winter months, eating an egg a day does keep you warm but it also gives you the much-needed energy. Sunny side up, eggs benedict or a fluffy omelet, eat your egg the way you like it.


Nothing works better than a hot bowl of soup on a cold winter day. Soups are one of the best foods to keep you warm during winters.   Toss some veggies or your favourite instant noodles into your bowl of soup and make it even more delicious.


The liquid gold, honey is a great anti-depressant for the ones suffering from those winter blues. Not only this, honey is one of the best remedies for treating cough. To get rid of that annoying cold and cough, drink a cup of ginger honey tea or a glass of warm honey turmeric milk.

Enjoy these winter foods and keep yourself toasty. Who needs a heating appliance now?

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