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Top useful budget food for students to boost brain and memory

May 30, 2020 11:00 PM |
food for students to boost brain and memory

The health of the brain is of the utmost importance to boost memory and concentration. Students, therefore, have to survive on a limited budget to buy cheap healthy snacks. It is a constant battle to fit healthy and whole meals in the squeezed budget which leads to the consumption of fast foods. Addressed below are some useful tips for brain-boosting foods on a budget.


Bananas are a great way to get a full tummy and nutrients at the same time. They are packed with vitamins, fiber, and minerals such as potassium. Considering that bananas are in season all year round, they are very pocket friendly and fit as brain food snacks.  Eating bananas on a regular basis has been known to boost immunity. This will not only ensure that your brain capacity is optimized but also, you do not spend a lot of your time seeking medical attention but studying.

Fatty fish

This is among the best superfoods for the brain. There are numerous articles you can order on EssayZoo that emphasize the benefits of eating fatty fish rich in omega 3. Fish with high omega 3 content include salmons, sardines, tuna, and herrings. High omega 3 levels boost blood flow to the brain which in turn improves cognitive activity, thinking, and memory abilities. 


In addition to being incredibly affordable, eggs can be consumed in a number of different ways that they are worth including in the diet. They are especially good for the brain and studies because they are high on choline. Brain cells are healthier and well developed when one consumes foods high in choline. This in turn enhances memory and concentration. Ensure to consume eggs at least twice a week for maximum benefits of choline.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains cacao which contains the antioxidants flavonoids. Flavonoids are excellent at encouraging neurons and blood vessel growth in the brain. They are also known to improve brain plasticity which is crucial for learning and information retention. Even though there are brands that are exorbitant in their pricing, you need not indulge in that because the smallest quantity of dark chocolate will spew these benefits as such, it makes a good cheap healthy snack.


Other than being a top brain food for exams laden with vitamins and other nutrients, berries are incredibly affordable when they are in season. This is the best time to buy and freeze them to consume as frozen snacks or incorporate in your daily diet as smoothies and juices. Berries are rich in antioxidants; they prevent memory loss and promote motor skills and learning functions. Berries are also known to slow memory deterioration that comes with age. The earlier you include them in your diet, the better.


One of the best brain foods for studying has to be nuts. They are cheap and healthy snacks packed with essential fats. Nuts help in keeping your blood sugar levels stable giving the brain a readily available and steady source of energy. Mariah Wealth, a nutrition essayist at recommend that, for a student on a plant-based diet, to eat walnuts as a supplement for omega 3 which is very good at boosting brain health. Nuts can be consumed raw, roasted, or even use their extracted oils to cook with.


Apples have no fat content in the but they make up for this by the high content of carbohydrates, vitamins, and other nutrients. Apples are cheap and will not hurt a student on a budget. They are easy to carry around too as a snack. Ensure to eat at least one apple a day as you prepare for exams and even during the exam period because they have been proven to be among the best brain foods for exams to boost your brain activity and memory.


Spices should be any college student’s best friend. They are rich in anti-inflammatory compounds that help improve blood circulation. There are spices like black pepper that promote absorption of nutrients in the body ensuring that you reap all the benefits your food has. Other spices help in regulating and stabilizing your sugar levels. All of these factors combined help support the cognitive and overall wellness of the brain. Spices are also pocket friendly and last a long time, ensure to include them in your diet for healthy college meals.


In addition to promoting hemoglobin production that helps in keeping the brain well oxygenated, beets are full of nitrates. These are vital in blood circulation as they relax blood vessels promoting better blood circulation. The better the blood circulation in the brain, the better you are able to think and concentrate. Beets can be prepared in a number of ways and are quite affordable. They can be a very useful dietary addition as you come to the exam period.

There are a lot of foods that the brain can benefit from. Fruits and vegetables are the absolute mandatory to have in any diet. All students must need to have a well-balanced healthy college meal at least twice every day. When you eat the right kinds of foods, your brain’s capacity, memory, and concentration will undoubtedly improve too.

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