5 natural home remedies to control hair fall

5 natural home remedies to control hair fall

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We all love summer but do you know that you can lose hair during the summer season? Well, to fight such common concern, we surely need to control this fear from the root. Keeping your scalp clean is the foremost step in controlling the hair fall.

Hair loss is quite common to experience in summer, so don’t worry when your brush pulls out a few extra strands every time you comb your hair. This hair loss can be easily controlled and can be taken care by simply following these home remedies.

So here, we share some good old natural home remedies to help control hair fall in summer that is sure to benefit!

1. Using Natural Home Products:


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When you are in distress from hair fall, it’s best to keep chemical products aside. Instead, choose natural ingredients. Hairfall, dandruff, damage, split ends are some of the common problems faced by everyone. Coconut milk is rich in nutrition that is essential for the hair. It keeps the hair shiny and bouncy.

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When it comes to beauty most importance should be given to natural ingredients for your regular hair regime. In order to have strong, lustrous and healthy hair you need to stick to natural products for your hair. There are many natural ingredients in your kitchen which should not be underestimated and ignored.

Oil extracts from Amla also have calming effects and help in controlling hair fall. It is also an effective treatment to cure dandruff.  Remember, dandruff also causes hair fall.