Sugarless Saturday: Here’s why sugar is bad for you

June 23, 2018 8:00 AM |

Sugarless Saturday: Here’s why sugar is bad for youWhile those sugary desserts and drinks may taste just divine, added sugar in any form is simply bad for your health. The most harmful ingredient you could add in your daily diet is none other than sugar. Not only does it causes unnecessary weight gain but it is also bad for your teeth. Here are five reasons why you must give up on your sugar love right away!

Empty Calories

Sugarless Saturday: Here’s why sugar is bad for youWhile you may have wanted to look for even one benefit of added sugar, it 's hard to find it. All sugar contains is empty calories. Most of your favourite desserts contain minimal nutrients. Thus, it is better for you to bring that sugar addiction to a halt.

Causes Tooth Decay

Sugarless Saturday: Here’s why sugar is bad for youYou may have heard your mother asking you to cut back on those chocolate bars if you wanted a full set of teeth in the later years. Well, she wasn’t wrong after all. The one-way sugar harms your teeth is by providing food for the notorious bacteria in your mouth. Still want to finish that chocolate square?

Belly Fat

Sugarless Saturday: Here’s why sugar is bad for youIf you thought those fast food restaurants visits were resulting in belly fat, think again. Most of the food items you eat outside contain sugar in some way or the other. Excessive intake of fructose results in the maturity of visceral fats. Thus, if you need an hourglass figure, quit sugar right away.

Highly addictive

Sugarless Saturday: Here’s why sugar is bad for youIf you thought you could only develop an alcohol or drug addiction, you are highly mistaken. That sugar addiction is even worse than the addiction of cocaine. Hence, it is not a cakewalk to get rid of that sugar love so soon.

Worse than salt for Blood Pressure

Sugarless Saturday: Here’s why sugar is bad for youIf you have been facing blood pressure, you may want to put a stop to your sugar eating habits. It is not salt that is the only notorious one that causes blood pressure fluctuations, in fact, sugar is even worse than salt for those who have even a slight blood pressure issue.

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