6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Water During Monsoon

June 13, 2015 11:47 AM |

6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Water

Monsoon is perhaps the moment to start taking our eating and drinking habits seriously. If you are one of those who have a passive attitude about what you eat and/or drink, you’re surely understanding the hazards of Monsoon mayhem.

Water is essential to life and the health benefits of drinking optimum amounts of water on a regular basis are well known. But did you know that drinking hot or even lukewarm water has some exclusive additional benefits? Also, drinking boiled water during Monsoon is a lifestyle change we must look towards as the air gets filled with moisture and allergies begin to crop up. Let’s take a look at 6 health benefits of boiled water which will make Monsoon healthy and safe for you.

Weight Loss

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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Water We’re all discussing things that we love about Monsoon and food is surely one of them. Most of the food items consumed during Monsoon are loaded with fat and cholesterol. But a glass of boiled water, early in the morning, with a pinch of lemon is perhaps the best way of battling fat. Go ahead, shed a few kilos!


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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Water Cold and flu are common Monsoon problems and we all end up with a pack of tissue papers during the rainy days. But children in particular are victimized by nasal and throat congestion during Monsoon. Drinking boiled water dissolves phlegm and helps remove it from your respiratory tract.


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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Water Drinking boiled water helps release toxins from your body. It allows you to sweat more and thus flush out harmful toxins. It is an easy and highly effective way of detoxing your body. You can always add a few drops of lemon extract to make the fluid more effective.


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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Water Boiled water is good for your stomach as well. Problems with digestion are not uncommon during Monsoon and boiled water caresses your insides thereby improving digestion. Cold water after a meal creates a fat deposit on the inner walls of your intestine which can even cause intestinal cancer. You can replace it with boiled or lukewarm water.

Bowel Movements

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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled Water Healthy bowel movements will keep you safe from a number of health problems. All the junk that you consume/enjoy during Monsoon must be removed from your body in a proper manner. Experts recommend drinking a glass of boiled water first thing in the morning to wake up your organs and improve your bowel movements.

Blood Circulation and Nervous System

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6 Amazing Health Benefits Of Drinking Boiled WaterBoiled water is also beneficial for blood circulation and your nervous system. An individual’s blood circulation combined with the overall fitness of his/her nervous system is extremely crucial to his/her overall health. A healthy body means a strong immune system which can guard you against a number of infections and allergies during Monsoon.

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