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Saputara, a lesser known hill station in Gujarat depicts nature at its best

March 31, 2019 11:26 AM |

Saputara hill station

Want to avoid noise of the city and visit a place where there is peace and serenity all around? Don't have much time and still want to experience nature at its best? Bored of visiting only the northern hills? ……Then here’s a single answer to all your questions. This small hill station in Gujarat will present you with best of nature. Not only for the travellers, this place also holds a special importance for art lovers!

Saputara, located in the West Indian Sate of Gujarat, is a lesser known hill station characterised by rivers, valleys and artistic cultural centres. Situated in Sahyadris or Western Ghats, this beautiful region is a part of Dang district in Gujarat. The state border line of Maharashtra is just 4 km away, while the cities closest to this hill station are Surat (156 km away) and Nashik (79 km away). The region observes a significant number of tourists vising from both the states.

The hill station is a home to various artistic village cultural centres that display tribal art and craft. One could see the heritage of the local Dang tribe at Tribal Museum through various artifacts and ritual objects that the region treasures.

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Saputara is a treat for those who want to witness natural beauty and mountain ranges at the same time. Different waterfalls near Echo Point are major attractions. Other must visit places include Louisa Point, Charlotte Lake, and King George Point.

Green spaces with different picnic spots that include the Step Garden and the Lake Garden add on to one’s excitement. Governor’s Hill Trail that offers views of the surrounding rivers and valleys, is a perfect treat for eyes.

Best time to visit Saputara

As the hill station is not vulnerable to extreme weather conditions, the climate remains pleasant and peaceful throughout the year.

Summers in Saputara (March to June)

Saputara records average temperature with mercury settling around 25 degree Celsius. Here the conditions remain quite comfortable as compared to the high temperature that rest parts of the state experience.

Monsoon in Saputara ( July to September)

One could experience beautiful greenery and pleasant weather during monsoon season. As the area is not prone to landslides and extreme downpours, monsoon makes a favourable time to visit this place.

Winters in Saputara (October to February)

During winters the climate remains cool and ideal for excursions and that is why the place observes a good amount of traffic even during winters. Mercury settles between 16 and 10 degree Celsius.

How to reach?

1.By Air

With 309 km away, Vadodra is the nearest airport.

2.By Train

Waghai, around 56 km away, is the nearest railway station. However, because of its narrow gauge, it fails to get direct connectivity with other major railway stations.

3.By Bus

Gujarat State Transport Buses provide luxury volvos that connect various places of Gujarat to Satpura and Ahwa. There are four ST direct buses from Ahmedabad to Ahwa which take almost 9 hours. People travelling from Maharashtra could connect via Nashik.

4.By car

National Highway 360 connects Saputara with Nashik.

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