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A comprehensive guide to preparing for weather overseas

October 23, 2020 10:00 AM |

Accommodation, flights, and tours; this seems to be the holy trinity of travel preparation, but sorting these components of your travel is the beginning of the whole process. If you need to achieve a smooth, hassle-free trip, ensuring that you have adequately prepared for the weather is another important you must have on your list.

Weather is a single significant factor that can positively or negatively impact your journey. However, it is among this that travelers take for granted, and mostly they find themselves caught off guard. So ensure that you prepare yourself adequately for weather on your next journey. If you are not sure what to do, try these guidelines.

Keep an eye on the weather news

As soon as you hear news of possible extreme weather conditions such as a hurricane, tropical storm reaching the place, you ensure you keep an eye of the current weather news to keep track of the storm's intensity and trajectory.

While storm and hurricane predictions are pretty good nowadays, there is still a margin of error; therefore, don't let your guard off until after it has passed gone off course from where you are.

Check the weather

This is just simple and straightforward advice. Although the most often advice is the one we need the most. Checking your weather forecast for your destination before you leave is necessary to ensure that you pack your clothes and essential things such as physical records; you can actually opt to store your physical records electronically using the Contractsafe document management system. All you need is to visit to get it.

Ensure that you don't get an assumption as to what you believe the weather is going to be at your destination. There are always exceptions on the weather patterns, especially when traveling during spring and autumn seasons. Let the weather forecast to guide you on your packing process. If you fail to check, the weather can result in an unprepared, unhappy, and soggy traveling experience.

Getting a mobile weather app is a better option to stay on top of the most recent weather forecast. The weather app ensures that you can see current and future weather radar in any destination and other features such as storm alerts, lightning warnings, and more features.

Gambling on weather

You can program your phone so that you can receive specific alerts when particular things like rain and storms pop up in areas you want to visit more frequently. To avoid getting caught in inclement weather conditions, you can consider adding some local areas to your app in order to get alerted when these areas experience weather changes that could impact your daily routine.

Remember eye and skin protection

Whether you are traveling in cold or hot weather, ensure that you are prepared with eye and skin protection from the direct sunlight. Take caution that when traveling overseas, you may be entering a region where UV rays are fiercer than you are using back in your home country. Ensure that you act accordingly to protect yourself and your health.

The winter season is the most dangerous when it comes to UV rays, and you can get sunburnt in the snow. The UV rays are reflected on the bright surfaces in the ground, and since snow reflects up to 80% of the UV light, it means that you can get often hit by the same rays twice. You can opt to travel with waterproof sunscreen and wear sunglasses that provide 99% UV protection.

Pack warm clothes for every trip

Ensure that you always pack warm clothes despite of how hot the destination is and never travel without a jacket. You may be surprised by how often you should reach for it.

Though if your connecting flights develop some issues or gets canceled and you find yourself stuck in a country that you didn’t plan on being or you do happen to get caught in unfavorable weather pattern, you are going to wish you could have packed warm clothes.

Stay hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and juices to staying hydrates is significant in both cold and warm weather climates. Staying hydrated will keep your skin hydrated and relieve seasonal constipation. Unlike warmer seasons, where sweating can be easily noticeable, it is hard to gauge your hydration during winters making it essential to drink enough water.

Fight off frostbite

The frostbite is a condition where body tissues can freeze due to a lack of circulation. This occurs in as little as 30 minutes in 40-degree weather, depending on the wind speeds. If you plan to stay outside for an extended period, dressing in heavy clothes is essential to avoid frostbite. When the temperatures are freezing, you can also at greater risk for hypothermia.

Hypothermia occurs when the body loses the heat faster than it can produce. Staying dry or dressing heavy clothes helps you avoid hypothermia and keep you warm every time you encounter frigid temperatures.

Travel with an umbrella

Carry a small compact umbrella when traveling is a good idea. Various popular destinations, such as New York City, tend to fluctuate from day to day despite the season. Rainstorms come without warning, and restaurants and hotels tend to run out of umbrellas to lend their guests. Make it a habit of checking the weather every morning, and regardless of the forecast, you must travel with your umbrella.

Series of weather systems to cause umbrella weather over North India

Eat healthily

The food you consume can have an impact on your overall health during the winter months. Eating antioxidant and anti-inflammatory foods can help you boost your immune system, and hearty dinners with warming spices can help your body temperature up throughout the night. Taking steps to keep yourself healthy before and during travel can help you avoid getting sick while traveling. Sometimes despite your best efforts, you can come home with a sniffle.

Environment and Human Health

Most of the time, weather changes can be just a disturbance you have to put up with until it goes away. But sometimes, these weather changes can be dangerous and even life-threatening. Thunderstorms, hurricanes, tornadoes can kill people. Do you want to be next? Well, probably not? The chances are pretty small, but it’s not advisable to take chances. By following the above guidelines and tips can prepare you for any weather while traveling overseas.

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