Chandigarh, Amritsar, Patiala, Ambala, Karnal and Hisar to witness rain today

Chandigarh, Amritsar, Patiala, Ambala, Karnal and Hisar to witness rain today

08:26 AM

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In the last couple of days pre-Monsoon activities have picked up pace over most parts of North India including Punjab and Haryana. During the last 24 hours, dust storm followed by fairly widespread rain and thundershower activities were observed in most parts of the states.

Due to the weather activity, the day temperatures of most places in Punjab and Haryana have dropped significantly and are currently below normal. Yesterday, Chandigarh saw the maximum plummet three degrees to settle at 31.9˚C, followed by Patiala 31.4˚C, Hisar 30.7˚C, Karnal 30.6˚C and Amritsar 30.4˚C.

These weather activities have been attributed to the Western Disturbance persisting over Jammu and Kashmir and its induced cyclonic circulation over Northwest Rajasthan. A trough is also extending across Haryana to West Uttar Pradesh.

Now the Western Disturbance is moving eastwards, and its induced cyclonic circulation is seen over Punjab and Haryana. The trough is running away from this system towards Northwest Uttar Pradesh.

With the weather systems gradually moving away, we expect rain and thundershowers activities to continue over many parts of Punjab and few parts of Haryana today.

By April 18, these weather systems will move away completely, clearing up the sky in Punjab and Haryana. This will then lead to rise in day temperatures. Significant rise will be observed in maximums over these states April 19 onward.

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