Cyclone Fani wreaks havoc in Odisha and its adjoining areas

May 3, 2019 3:34 PM |

Cyclone Fani made landfall in Puri at Odisha coast around 8:40 am today. It made landfall as an extremely severe cyclone with maximum sustained wind of about 190 kmph gusting at 200 kmph. It is also the most severe storm to hit the Indian subcontinent in the last two decades.

Several coastal areas of Odisha including parts of north coastal Andhra Pradesh received heavy rainfall at the time of Cyclone Fani making landfall. Severe inundation was reported from several areas in the region.

Strong winds associated with Cyclone Fani lead to uprooting of trees, electricity poles, hoardings and ransacking window panes. Thatched structures were destroyed completely at some places including the capital Bhubaneswar.

Rail and air traffic have also been hit hard due to the cyclone. All flights from Bhubaneswar have been cancelled from midnight, while Kolkata airport will remain shut from 3 pm today till 8 am on Saturday. About 140 trains including 83 passenger trains have also been cancelled so far.

In the view of Cyclone Fani over a million people were evacuated by the government and taken to safer places. They are now awaiting a quick return to their homes and are hoping of least damage to their property.

Extremely severe cyclonic storm Fani has currently weakened into a very severe cyclonic storm and is moving through land, which will weaken its strength further.

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