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Delhi gives a miss to the heatwave in May, the lowest average of the decade, expect showers next 3 days

May 31, 2021 2:26 PM |

The month of May finds likes with Delhiites as it spared the capital city of excruciating heat in the blazing month of pre-monsoon season. The mean monthly maximum temperature of base observatory Safdarjung will stay below 37.5 degrees Celsius and to be precise, it may settle at 37.4 degrees Celsius. The average temperature for the month is 39.5 degrees Celsius and a drop of 2 degrees is huge and the largest of the decade. This may be read with the context that April was hotter by 1.2 degrees Celsius as it recorded a monthly average of 37.5 degrees Celsius against the normal of 36.3 degrees Celsius.

The highest maximum of May 2021 stood at 41.6 degrees Celsius observed on 04th May. This is least amongst the highest temperatures recorded since 2009 and possibly beyond also. The highest temperature touched 45 degrees Celsius or more on 6 occasions in the last 12 years and the highest of all was 46degree recorded on May 26, 2020. Last year has the distinction of recording 12 days with a maximum temperature in excess of 40 degrees Celsius and also four occasions of a heatwave. This year has none and goes on record to be the mildest May of recent times with only 4 days of temperature 40 degrees Celsius or more. May 2021 also holds the record of the lowest maximum temperature of 23.8 degrees Celsius measured on 19th May, 16 degrees Celsius below the normal.

During the last three days, the day temperatures have remained below normal by 2-3 degrees. Courtesy change of winds, the sting has been taken out. These conditions are expected to continue for the next 3 days. This will be followed by a gradual rise in mercury with strong winds during the day.

A western disturbance has arrived over the northern hills. Also, a cyclonic circulation is marked over North Rajasthan, Punjab, and Pakistan region. This feature will persist and shift eastward over the next 48 hours. Delhi and adjoining parts of NCR are likely to experience light to moderate showers between May 31 and June 2. This spell could be intense on June 1 and recede to be mild on June 2. The day temperatures will take a dip during this period and hover around 37-38 degrees Celsius.

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