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March to begin on a relatively comfortable note for Mumbai

February 28, 2019 3:52 PM |

Mumbai Weather

Mumbai weather sees variation in terms of rains to a large degree. However, there is a very little variation between maximum temperatures throughout the year with Monsoon seeing the lowest maximums. The average maximum temperatures ranges between 30 and 33 degrees.

Meanwhile, variation in minimums is large which is around 17 degrees in January and shoots up to 27 degrees in May. Rise in temperatures begins from January, continuing till May

Talking about the month of February, the second fortnight shows signs of Pre-Monsoon. If the past years temperatures in the second fortnight is concerned the average was at a whopping high of 35 degrees in the year of 2018 with the highest maximum reaching 37.8 degrees. For 2017, 35.6 degrees was seen as the average, with the highest temperature settling at a whopping 38.8 degrees.

2016 was way better wherein the average dropped to 31.4 degrees, with highest temperature at a mere 32 degrees. In 2015, the highest maximum was at a whopping 38.8 degrees with the average being 32.4 degrees. Meanwhile, year 2014 coolest so far with 30.6 degrees as the average and 35 degrees as the highest.

This year, the average temperatures of second fortnight has been at a good 31.6 degrees and the highest maximum recorded was 35.4 degrees on February 23. The temperatures are usually seen rising as we approach the end of February but it has not been the case this time.

Since the weather activity in North India has been continuing with just short breaks in between and is also likely to continue, rise is not likely. North India weather drives the weather activity in Mumbai during this time of the year.

For the next one week, no significant rise is likely at least in the first week of March and temperatures will remain in the low 30's only. This will be due to another Western Disturbance likely to affect Northern Hills on March 1. In fact, due to continuous systems, first half of March may not see shooting temperatures.

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