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Rain to Bring Relief from Hot Weather for North India

June 16, 2024 11:31 AM |

North India has been sweltering under the grip of a severe heatwave, with scorching temperatures and dry winds making life difficult for residents. However, there's finally some good news on the horizon – rain is expected to bring much-needed relief starting June 18th.

The heatwave has impacted several states, including Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and western Uttar Pradesh. Clear skies and dry westerly winds have contributed to the relentless rise in temperatures. But a fresh western disturbance approaching northwest India from June 18th offers a glimmer of hope. Additionally, a trough extending from Uttarakhand to northeast Uttar Pradesh is expected to further enhance the rain-producing conditions.

The good news is that scattered rainfall is likely to begin in the western parts of Punjab as early as the evening of June 18th. This will be followed by more widespread rain across Punjab, Haryana, and western and northwestern Uttar Pradesh from June 19th onwards. These showers are expected to continue till June 22nd, with isolated rain and dust storms possible in northwest Rajasthan. While Delhi and the National Capital Region (NCR) might not see as much rain, residents can still look forward to some light rain and thunderstorms on June 20th.

It's important to note that this upcoming rain is not monsoon rain. However, it will bring significant relief from the scorching heat currently gripping the region. The monsoon itself is expected to make its presence felt in eastern Uttar Pradesh by June 22nd. Delhi residents will need to wait a bit longer, with the monsoon onset expected around June 27th, with a possible two-day margin of error.

So, while the wait for the monsoon continues, residents of North India can finally breathe a sigh of relief with the upcoming rain showers. This much-needed break from the heat will offer a welcome respite and hopefully signal the end of the relentless heatwave.

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